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Virtuallydone studio was formed in 1991 and is committed to producing high
quality computer graphics, animation and visualizations covering a wide range
of subjects dictated by the budgetary and time restrictions of
its clients.


Since 1991 virtuallydone has produced animation for television,
commercials and film. Clients have included British Aerospace, ESA, The Open University to name but a few.

An award-winning company, virtuallydone includes in its credits list
films - Blade II, Thunderbirds, Resident Evil and Judge Dredd. A variety
of television series - The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Planets, Body Story,
Tiny Planets and Raging Planet.

Commercials and broadcast titles subjects include The National Lottery Launch,
The National Lottery re-launch (Lotto), Homepride (Fred the Flour-Grader),
Holsten Pils Virtual Lager, Teletubbies, Opinions, Rank Xerox (Edward DeBono),
Canon Copiers, and titles for First Independent Film.

Alongside of this high-profile work are educational, architectural, documentary
and science projects, Educational animation for St Marks Hospital, Science animation
for The European Space Agency, Crixivan HIV Treatment (for Oasis TV) and In-Flight
Safety information.

Architectural projects include visuals for Zaha Hadid, residential property
interior and exterior visuals, business parks and shopping centers, visuals
for the Dartford Bridge and numerous fictitious city-scapes.

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